Refitting & Technical

Refitting Services

We Make Shipyard arrangements and marina booking reservation.

We collaborate with  top shipyards and marinas and  we can help you to arrange your winter refitting. We can negotiate the best shipyard charges and supply the best subcontractors for you.

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Wrapping Services

Our work begins by collaborating with our clients to uncover their needs for their space.


  • Interior Wrapping of yachts over 25mt
  • Exterior and interior works for embellishment
    (mobile lining, films, transparent for marble protection)
  • Polishing glasses


  • Convenient- no need for dust, mess or removal of items
  • Consistent high quality one layer product
  • Creative freedom due to its reversible nature
  • Saves time
  • Saves costs
  • Durable – resisting water, dirt, impact, wear, abrasion & mould
  • Easy to maintain
  • Protective layer retains value
  • Class 0 & 1 retardant

Yacht Exterior
With the ever increasing technological advancements in film and foil technology, now more than ever it is possible to transform the look and personality of a yacht in ways and timeframes once thought unimaginable.

The potential of wrapping has also already been shown to perfectly serve different purposes:

  • Try out a new colour before committing to an expensive paint job you may regret.
  • Wrap to protect your paint, in any colour or any finish, keeping your paint new.
  • As a medium term solution to postpone an expensive paint job for a few years.
  • Change colour each season, generating media buzz with each colour/style change.
  • Brand for a bold advertising campaign.
  • It is clear to us, that whilst our service may offer huge style potential, it has enormous utility and long term cost benefits.

Whether its about colour changing, colour matching, custom design, interior, exterior, on the hard or in the water, you can achieve it all by working with our wrapping team.

Surface Protection

In addition to wrapping using coloured films, we also offers a range of extremely hard wearing clear surface protection films designed to protect from general wear and tear and scratches.

The vinyl surface film can be easily installed and removed and does not leave any residue or damage to the surface beneath when removed or replaced.

We are specialized with 3M European certifications

Customized wrapping features

  • Transparent film coating on marble, wood and other luxury materials to protect the surface from scratches.

We can use specific films to re-design your interior and change the look of it (wood whitewashed from the sun, newlook, furniture renewal)



Glass Coating

Glass Coating is a clear and transparent liquid Glass Coating which may be  applied to various surfaces providing excellent shine and protection. The development of Glass Coating is a the result of customers demand for  quick, cost effective and high quality surface restoration with long lasting  lustre and protection. Over the last few years and in conjunction with various  laboratories, we have developed the Glass Coating Range. The end products  were a result of extensive research and developed after intensive testing on the  field as well as in the laboratory.

Benefits of GlassCoating

Using a cost effective application procedure, Glass Coating will provide the  following benefits:

  • Restores dull and oxidised surfaces to a high gloss level which is long lasting
  • Resistant to exhaust staining
  • The glass coated surface is easy to clean
  • GlassCoating protects the surface from oxidisation and corrosion
  • GlassCoating may be easily removed using Glass Coat remover in case of future paint jobs
  • The application is quick and cost effective

Glass Coating has a unique preparation system using the finest approved  sanding and preparation systems on the market.  Glass Coating has been specifically adapted to suite the marine environment  and to allow efficient applications on large surfaces in order to provide excellent  shine and protective finish. The range of products allows for specific applications  according to their nature and location. GlassCoating applicators are familiar with the most popular paint brands used  on yachts thus being able to carry out any paint repairs that may be necessary  prior to the application of GlassCoating.

  • Trained application enters have been set up in the following locations: 
  • Malta
  • Fort Lauderdale – USA 
  • Turkey
  • Greece 
  • France 
  • Italy

Although the application of Glass Coating is carried out by professional and  trained applicators, we have also developed a wipe on wipe off product that is  available and easy to use for DIY purposes.



Technical Inspections & Maintenance

  • Hull & Machinery Survey
  • Consultancy & Assistance Before  and/or During PSC, Class, Flag State Inspections
  • Repair/Maintenance ( Tender • Jet  Ski • Seabob )

We are pleased to offer you our technical advice thanks to experts and qualified collaborators, with a proven experience in the maritime sector. We talk about an experience which is more than decennial either in the yatching sector or in the naval one.

We are able to offer you an efficient and economic PMS. Thanks to our authorised experts, we are able to repair tenders, jet ski, seabobs etc. Our aim is to offer you a service to reduce management costs.






Sea Hawk Antifouling

Sail into the Future with Superior Marine Coatings

Sea Hawk Paints is testing more than 600 innovative bottom paint formulas that will become the next generation technology for the boat bottom paint & marine coatings industry.


Cruise with Confidence with  Sea Hawk Anti Fouling Boat Bottom Paints

When it comes to antifouling and ablative boat bottom paints, you can trust Sea Hawk Paints to deliver high-quality marine coatings and premium service backed by our Customer Covenant with a written guarantee.


Information Technology Support

  • PC support
  • Lan and Wan project and implementation
  • Wifi

We know it very well, the computer system acts as a data channel for communication between the operating system and users; in a few words the technology is part of the yacht’s brain. As such, the IT system must be reliable and strong, with room for future implementations and upgrades and no room for performance errors.


Milano Teleport Provides • VSAT Service

4g Connections

FleetBroadband 500 (or less)

Connectivity in every corner of the Earth