Highlight Features

Our work begins by collaborating with our clients to uncover their needs for their space.


  • Wrapping for interior of yachts over 25mt
  • Work on exterior and interior for embellishment
    (mobile lining, films, transparent for marble protection)
  • Polishing glasses


  • Convenient- no need for dust, mess or removal of items
  • High quality consistent one layer product
  • Creative freedom due to its reversible nature
  • Saves time
  • Saves cost
  • Durable – resisting water, dirt, impact, wear, abrasion & mould
  • Easy to maintain
  • Protective layer retains value
  • Class 0 & 1 retardant



Yacht Exterior
With the ever increasing technological advancements in film and foil technology, now more than ever it is possible to transform the look and personality of a yacht in ways and timeframes once thought unimaginable.

The potential of wrapping has also already been shown to perfectly serve different purposes:

  • Try out a new colour before committing to an expensive paint job you may regret.
  • Wrap to protect your paint, in any colour or any finish, keeping your paint new.
  • As a medium term solution to postpone an expensive paint job for a few years.
  • Change colour each season, generating media buzz with each colour/style change.
  • Brand for a bold advertising campaign.
  • It is clear to us, that whilst our service may offer huge style potential, it has enormous utility and long term cost benefits.

Whether its colour changing, colour matching, custom design, interior, exterior, on the hard or in the water, working with Our wrapping you can achieve it all.

Surface Protection

In addition to wrapping using coloured films, LuxWrap also offers a range of extremely hard wearing clear surface protection films designed to protect from general wear and tear and scratches.

The vinyl surface film is easily installed and removed and does not leave any residue or damage to the surface beneath when removed or replaced.

We are specialized with 3M European certifications

Customized wrapping features

  • Transparent film coating on marble, wood and other luxury materials to protect the surface from scratches.

To change the look of your interior, we can use specific films to re-design your interior. (wood whitewash from the sun, newlook, furniture renewal)




  • External Wrapping with Black Films 3 M.
  • Wrapping – transparent tinted polyurethane film for windows (various shades)