1) Fine wine and provisioning for YACHT

We are pleased to present to our client the new provisioning list of 2018 with a wide selection of  TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS.

(wine – water – spirits – fish – meat – vegetable … all you need!! )

You can order everything you want by telling our staff.


2) Take a look at our services: Degustation

Degustation of wines and oils and culinary workshops (School of Oil)

WORKSHOP (Coming Soon)

School of Oil  ||  we will teach you how to taste of olive oil


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I work with a well-known company from Milan that has a line of natural products for psycho-physical wellness. The products are diversely scented and made of oils and Bach flowers with therapeutic properties to relax; they have natural aroma diffusers that spread different shades and light fragrances. A careful analysis of customer needs, a study of innovative solutions puts the individual in synergic harmony with the environment, developing a line of accessories so people will feel like they are in a spa and health center when on board a yacht. We also create business cards and brochures for yachts and hotels, as well as making expressive videos with drones.


It’s very important for me to explore the human soul through an expressive summary that leaves, yes, space for imagination, but that defines the concept through almost semiological language. I started to find all of this in my passion for art, in fact for a long time I have been creating silver embossed compositions, elegantly arranged on exclusive buttresses, and decorated with valuable frames. These works are for sale at my atelier, where in addition to my art there are also artists who have disappeared and post-Decadent, figurative, or abstract artists. I am a passionate psychology academic, I’ve attended a renowned school of graphology in Rome now for a few years, and this allows me to pay even more attention to my clients and take care of them better. Given my great passion for handwriting analysis with legal consulting, I work together with qualified professionals providing inspections and expertise on handwritten scripts, authenticity of painting signatures, and evaluations on holographic wills and testaments. My greatest desire is to satisfy my very unique and exceptional clients.