Highlight Features

Our work begins by collaborating with our clients to uncover their needs for their space.


  • IT project and developpement
  • Remote IT Support (PC, Wifi, Lan)

We know it very well, the computer system acts as a data channel for communication between the operating system and users; in a few words the technology is part of the yacht’s brain. As such, the IT system must be reliable and strong, with room for future implementations and upgrades and no room for performance errors.


Information Technology Onboard

With our IT support, PC assistance, wifi networks, connectivity on board the yachts are always at the TOP; our Information Technology projects always take into account the exponential growth of data and technology and your specific needs, because we know that IT systems are fundamental for the experience of the owner and his crew on board. Most of the operating technology on a yacht depends on a reliable IT system; our IT experts have decades of experience designing and implementing effective systems with confidence.
For this we make use of collaborations with the biggest names in the IT industry: Cisco, Aruba Networks, HP, Palo Alto Networks, Barracuda Networks, Ruckus, Apple, Google, Microsoft.

When you combine the best technology in the industry with the excellence of the experts, the end result is something truly extraordinary.


Customized wrapping features

  • Transparent film coating on marble, wood and other luxury materials to protect the surface from scratches.

To change the look of your interior, we can use specific films to re-design your interior. (wood whitewash from the sun, newlook, furniture renewal)