Benefits of GlassCoating

Using a cost effective application procedure, Glass Coating will provide the  following benefits:

  • Restores dull and oxidised surfaces to a high gloss level which is long lasting
  • Resistant to exhaust staining
  • The glass coated surface is easy to clean
  • GlassCoating protects the surface from oxidisation and corrosion
  • GlassCoating may be easily removed using Glass Coat remover in case of future paint jobs
  • The application is quick and cost effective

Glass Coating has a unique preparation system using the finest approved  sanding and preparation systems on the market.  Glass Coating has been specifically adapted to suite the marine environment  and to allow for efficient applications on large surfaces to provide excellent  shine and protective finish. The range of products allows for specific applications  according to their nature and location. GlassCoating applicators are familiar with the most popular paint brands used  on yachts thus being able to carry out any paint repairs that may be necessary  prior to the application of GlassCoating.

Trained application enters have been set up in the following locations:  Malta

Fort Lauderdale – USA  Turkey

Greece  France  Italy

Although the application of Glass Coating is carried out by professional and  trained applicators, we have also developed a wipe on wipe off product that is  available and easy to use for DIY purposes.