Mission and Vision


I work with a well-known company from Milan that has a line of natural products for psycho-physical wellness. The products are diversely scented and made of oils and Bach flowers with therapeutic properties to relax; they have natural aroma diffusers that spread different shades and light fragrances. A careful analysis of customer needs, a study of innovative solutions puts the individual in synergic harmony with the environment, developing a line of accessories so people will feel like they are in a spa and health center when on board a yacht. We also create business cards and brochures for yachts and hotels, as well as making expressive videos with drones.


“Cinzia Bulciolu Luxury Yachting Service” aims to provide unique, personalized services on large yachts, in vintage villas and luxury hotels, always guaranteeing the utmost seriousness and quality. Numerous specialized companies collaborate with me on this exclusive project. This includes everything from wrapping, interior design, architecture firms, Italy’s most prestigious gourmet, wine, and oil products, aroma and chromotherapy, specialized medical visits, general practitioners and health specialists to keep the crew in good health, crew uniforms, floral arrangements, Maltese flag registrations for commercial and private yachts, and yacht formula leasing.