Mission and Vision


Working with Yachts is business, of course. It is also professionalism, fairness, and passion, which is why I have built a team of people capable of doing this, achieving complete customer satisfaction. I know well that those who rely on my team give me their total trust, but trust is not simply something you receive. It is also something you earn overtime, and I’m proud that my clients, ShipOwners, Captains, Crew, recognize me for that.

I believe in teamwork and am 100% dedicated to this work because my profession is a large part of me. My experience guides me day by day. Every time there is a new challenge, every time someone puts their trust in me to achieve a result, it becomes a personal goal. I love my work which is made primarily of human relationships, collaboration, and respect. My focus is to achieve complete customer satisfaction because customer satisfaction is also my satisfaction. The best way I know to return the trust that is given to me each time.


Cinzia Bulciolu’s Mission, my Mission, is to exceed the customer’s expectations. Professionalism in my sector always gives our best service for Yachts and Crew by listening and responding to our client’s requests. Those who trust me but by anticipating the next step, always staying one step ahead of customer’s needs, being ahead of our competitors, always aiming for excellence and uniqueness.

And all this requires seriousness and incredible passion, the passion that this activity manages to arouse and which is not simply luxury.  This activity is to provide not only Luxury but satisfaction, relaxation, uniqueness, style, and above all, emotion. For that reasons, I can say that I offer a unique, tailored service, explicitly tailored to my customers, a service capable of fully realizing the desire for exclusivity, luxury, a service capable of surprising, capable of reading between the lines the sensitivity of client, it is not important where is the port or  what you are asking for (wrapping, interior design, refitting, surface protection..), I will ensuring a level of competence and professionalism that makes excellence my only standard